Love Me Tender

09.07 – 31.07.2015

Love Me Tender, exposição de Maja Babic Kosir & Tanja Vergles, decorre na Galeria dos Leões, no Edifício da Reitoria da Universidade do Porto, entre os dias 9 e 31 de Julho de 2015.

Multimedia installation Love Me Tender explores new common language – large-scale knit installations made from unconventional materials, created on the basis of matrices made of illustrations, drawings, sculptures. It is used to resolve issues of identity, including the position and perception of women in our culture, femininity, the perception of the female body and censorship of female sexuality. The artists make use of different materials – plastic bags, condoms, cloth, leather, felt, nails, wool, rope, nylon. Materials, originally designed for other purposes, thus become materials of exploration of new perspectives, tactile perceptions, odours, sensations. The working process is highlighted and aimed at the development and purification of the authors as females, sculptresses, artists, mothers, friends.